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2014 NCTech4Good Conference Wrap-up
We had a great crowd at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill June 5 and 6, 2014 for NCTechGood’s 5th annual conference! Many thanks to those who attended for their active participation, contributing their expertise and making it so much fun! Special thanks to our presenters and sponsors for making it all happen.

The conference wiki already contains links to sessions and their materials, photos, and short videos, and participants are continuing to add their personal touches.

Can you imagine brainstorming with 60+ people? It worked! Check out the brainstorming videos from Beth Kanter’s workshop.

Though we are still working on wrapping up the 2014 conference, the NCT4G Team is already working on 2015, so put it on your calendar – June 4 and 5 at the Friday Center, Chapel Hill. What ideas do you have for 2015? We are particularly interested in your suggestions for the workshop. Send your ideas to info@nctech4good.org. Also note on your calendar that we’ll be asking for session proposals the first week of January.

Check back here later for information on the 2015 conference as it develops.

About the NCTech4Good Conference:

The NCT4G conference is designed to serve nonprofit professionals, volunteers, consultants, and small business owners. This two-day conference focuses on technologies in areas such as fundraising, social media, and communication and advocacy tools, offering both pre-selected presentations and workshops, as well as spontaneous sessions created by participants.

Please use our twitter hashtag, #nct4g, when posting about the conference or pre-conference workshop.

About NCTech4Good:

NCTech4Good is the regional network for sharing knowledge about technologies that can advance the mission of nonprofit organizations. This sharing occurs during monthly meetings on the third Wednesday of the month, 6:30-8:30 p.m., and the annual conference. Join the group at the Meetup site.

NCTech4Good is supported locally by the N.C. Center for Nonprofits, Public Information Network, Inc (also known as RTPnet), and our sponsors, listed on this website. We're an NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network 501 Tech Club and a NetSquared Local group.

NCT4G Organizers:
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Creating a record of the NCTech4Good Conference

Please tweet, add your notes to the conference wiki, take photos and video, tag them #nct4g, and add links in the wiki. Let's try to capture some of the fun, sharing and learning.